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Politique de Confidentialité
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We are a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) with the purpose of contributing to our sponsors achieving scientific proof of the safety and efficacy of their products.

Our company operates Kosmoscience Ciência e Técnologia Cosmética, Importação e Exportação LTDA, a private legal entity, headquartered at Rua Itália, 274 - Jd Ribeiro - Valinhos/SP ZIP Code: 13270-180 - CNPJ/ME No. 05.944.444/0001-07.

We are committed to your privacy.

You are very welcome to our institutional website. We foster ethical and transparent relationships with participants, suppliers, partners, sponsors, and collaborators, and these are the values that guide our Privacy Guidelines, created based on Law No. 13,709/2018 - General Data Protection Law (“GDPR”) and other applicable regulations. We aim to clarify how we treat your data on this website and within our organization.

As you navigate through it, you will notice that most services do not require any registration, allowing you to not directly provide any data. There are certain features that, by their nature, can only be used with the collection of personal data (such as Contact Us). In our organization, we have several internal procedures in which registration data and/or personal data are collected, and all are duly stored and protected under internal guidelines and GDPR requirements.

It is very important that when participating in any process with Kosmoscience, that you read the data collection, storage and protection guidelines, LGPD-001, and if you have any questions, contact our DPO team or Data Protection Officer (responsible for data protection), via email dpo@kosmoscience.com.

By using our institutional website or participating in any stage of Kosmoscience, you declare to be aware of GDPR practices, confirming that you have been adequately informed about the practices of personal data processing.