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Learn about Kosmoscience and its history.

Our History
Kosmoscience started in 2003, in the city of Valinhos/SP with the purpose of providing the cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets with clinical studies of efficacy and safety assessments conducted with impartiality, quality and scientific accuracy.

Conceived by the pioneering spirit of Adriano Pinheiro, a chemist with vast experience in the academic and scientific domain as well as in the corporate pharmaceutical and cosmetic field, Kosmoscience made partnerships with the top federal universities in Brazil – Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Ceramics (LIEC) of the Chemical Institute of UNESP in Araraquara and UFSCAR in São Carlos in order to carry out high-performance tests with advanced analytical instruments.

In 2014, Kosmoscience incorporated KOLderma Company – Clinical Research Institute EIRELI – EPP, to form the Kosmoscience Group, thus boosting its investments in pre-clinical in vitro researches in the skin area with cell cultures, molecular biology and human skin, by means of techniques of quantification of biomarkers via immune tests, gene expression, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence.

In 2017, after detecting new market demands and in order to preserve its growth strategy, the Kosmoscience Group acquired the GETS Laboratory, which is a reference in conduction of accelerated stability tests of cosmetics for industries worldwide. This way Kosmoscience can now conduct physical and chemical analyses required by accelerated stability studies (pH, density, viscosity, sensory parameters, etc) in climatic and photostability chambers qualified for storage of samples in conformance with the requirements of the ANVISA Stability Guide for Cosmetic Products.

Besides adding expertise to the work already under development, this strategy tripled the number of services provided by offering more competitive prices to the market.

Focused on conducting clinical studies and developing conclusion reports, the company currently has over 150 collaborators, including researchers, pharmacists, physicians, bio-physicians and chemists, with wide expertise in clinical research and use of cutaneous instrumental techniques after cosmetic treatments. Kosmoscience also operates internationally by exporting technical services and know-how to countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

- Science-based innovation
- Ethics in relationships
- Honesty and integrity
- Technological contributions for people's well-being and satisfaction
- Excellence in Quality
- To be an international reference in efficacy assessment services.
- To be present in cosmetic products worldwide.
To develop modern technologies and services for our clients and partners so as to meet and exceed their expectations, with respect to ethics and to our obligations.

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